Outdoor waterproof fullaxs LC- fullaxs LC




◆Fiber-to-the-Antenna (FTTA)
◆Automation and industrial cabling.
◆Naval and ship building, Broadcast.





◆Support Horizontal and Vertical Cabling for All Common LTE/4G/5G Radio Systems
◆Built-in socket with square or hexagonal flange.
◆Resist strong pressure and stretching.
◆Can effectively adapt to harsh porous environment.
◆Helical Steel Armored Branch Cable for Anti-rodent Protection and Bird-proof.





Specification SM MM
Operating Wavelength(nm) 1310, 1550 850, 1300
Typical Insertion Loss(dB) 0.2 0.15
Max. Insertion Loss(dB) 0.3 0.3
Return Loss(In/Out)(dB) UPCC≥50, APC≥60 ≥35
MPO Max. Insertion Loss(dB) Low IL≤0.35, Standard IL≤0.5 Low IL≤0.35, Standard IL≤0.5
MPO Return Loss(In/Out)(dB) APC≥50 Standard IL UPC≥25, Low IL UPC≥35
Interchangeability(dB) ≤0.2 ≤0.2
Repeatability(dB) ≤0.1
Operating Temperature(℃) -10 ~ +75
Storage Temperature(℃) -40 ~  +85
Fiber Type OS2/OM1 OM2  OM3  OM4 OM5
Fiber Diameter (mm) Φ5.0mm, Φ7.0mm
Waterproof Grade IP68
Flame Retardant Grade UL94V-0
Mechanical Durability (Times) 500 times
Cable Tension (N) ≥15N


A connector B connector cable type fiber type fiber cores Core type cable diameter jacket material length
FC.LC.SC.ST. FC.LC.SC.ST. indoor cable SM-G652D customer UPC APC 0.9 2.0 3.0 5.0 7.0 or customer PVC 1M
MU.MTRJ.LSH. MU.MTRJ.LSH. outdoor cable SM-G657A1 LSZH 3M
E2000.LX.5.V E2000.LX.5.V Armoured cable SM-G657A2 TPU 5M
F-45.DIN.D4. F-45.DIN.D4. Base Station Cable SM-G657B3 PE 10M
MTRJ.MPO.SMA MTRJ.MPO.SMA drop cable SM-G655 ……
.D80 .D80 field cable OM1(62.5)