Regarding the issue of waterproof connector fiber easy to break, cables too heavy, and other difficulties, our designed several kinds of polishing fixtures which are used for polishing semi-assembled waterproof connectors and rework(repolishing) assembled waterproof connectors. This kind of fixture is suitable for a variety of different brands of waterproof connectors and has strong versatility. Different cable clamping tools can be selected according to different cable diameters and dimensions. Precision machining of metal or plastic fasteners effectively ensures ferrule end-face 3D FPY after polishing. Effectively ensure the key error after polishing is within ± 0.5 degree.





◆ Mainly used for polishing fiber optic connector, patchcord, ferrule end face;
◆ Or non-standard materials like metal, glass, ceramic end face polishing;
◆ Or precision parts end face polishing.
◆12-48 connectors can be polished at one time.
◆The first pass yield for end face quality reach 98%





◆ Polish SC APC Fast connector.
◆ Polish Huawei FastConnect connector.
◆ Polish other brand waterproof connector and white part.



Technical parameters:


Model FC SC ST LC MU  SMA 1.25 2.5
Fixture Diameter 127mm
Maximum number of cores 12-48 positions
Disk loading method plug-and-play
Net weight 0.8 kgs
Gross weight 1.5 kgs
Packing Size 174*174*26mm  220*220*90mm